Matthieu Nottale
Server backend architect and developer
Datalchemy SAS
Part-time consulting work in the field of deep-learning
Deep Learning, computer vision, gazebo, isaac sim
I joined part time Datalchemy, co-founded by a group of friends. This small company focuses on consulting work and training in the field of deep learning. I provide them my expertise in robotics simulation when the need arises.
Develop server-side gameplay for a MMO
CSharp, Orleans, postgres, rabbitmq, redis
Invited to join Novaquark by it's CEO, I integrated the server development team to work on the backend of the MMO "Dual Universe", focusing on gameplay features. The job mainly involves writing actor classes in the Orleans framework (which is very well done but not without pitfalls) and SQL code for data persistence and retrieval.
Docker Inc
Develop apps for the Docker ecosystem
golang, Docker, kubernetes
Following the acquisition of Infinit, I joined a small team of developers within Docker that worked on adding new apps for developers in the Docker ecosystem, with a focus on kubernetes integration. YAML templating engine code enscripten build
Infinit SAS
Develop a distributed cryptographically secure filesystem
C++, fuse
I joined the small startup Infinit, invited by an ex Collegue from Gostai. I worked on the backend and analytics of the company's first product, a file sharing tool, and the second when the company pivoted to develop a distributed, decentralized, cryptographycally secure filesystem, focusing on the Fuse/Dokan filesystem layer. Infinit was acquired by Docker Inc. github beyond, my take on it
Aldebaran Robotics
Improve NaoQi robotic middleware
C++, python
Following the acquisition of Gostai, I joined the middleware team at Aldebaran where I spearheaded the development of Naoqi v2, a robotic middleware based on type-erasure principles, under the supervision of Cedric Gestes. NaoQI on github
Gostai SAS
Develop robotic language Urbiscript and middleware URBI
C++, boost, coroutines
Gostai was a small startup who\'s mission was initially to develop a programming language tailored for robotics, Urbiscript. As a member of the dev team I worked on many aspects of the language, and was the main developer of the accompanying URBI C++ middleware. Gostai was acquired by Aldebaran Robotics. urbi on github
PhD, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Implementation of language games between autonomous robots in an unconstrained environment
During my PhD at ENSTA engineering school under the supervision of Jean-Christophe Baillie, I worked on the continuation of Luc Steels 'Talking Heads' experiments. The objective was to have a group of robots (Sony Aibo) develop a shared lexicon of made-up words to describe their environment. xp video thesis