Matthieu Nottale

R&D Developer

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+33 6 63 55 33 98


Software R&D in GNU/Linux environment.


  • C++(98, 2011)
  • python, js, shellscript
  • sysadmin GNU (LAMP, grsec)
  • valgrind, callgrind
  • gdb, strace, tcpdump, git
  • mongodb
  • boost, asio
  • multithread/coroutines
  • API POSIX/Win32


Mars 2014-

Backend C++-11 for a p2p/cloud file transfer application.
Analytics: mongodb based system to extract key metrics from application traces.

Aldebaran robotics

Middleware/platform team.


Support for robotic middleware Naoqi v1.
Implementation of naoqi v2 based on type-erasure.
Utility/system c++ library libqi used by a large team. ( )


Development of the URBI programming language and robotic middleware URBI.

Integrating URBI in many embeded platforms, including: aibo(MIPS), android
Interoperability layer with other middlewares: ROS, YARP, OMG-RTC
URBI interface for many sensors/actuators : camera, kinect, servomotors and various microcontrollers
H264/RTMP streaming between the telepresence robot Jazz and a web browser. (



PhD in computer science, université Paris VI

Modeling the emergence of language: language games between autonomour robots in an unconstrained environment.

Implementation of computer vision alghorithm, distributed architecture. (video) (manuscript(french))


Interests: 3D printing and electronics

Matthieu Nottale — — +33 6 63 55 33 98